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Bluedot Living magazine is published by the Bluedot Corporation and will be distributed in locations across the United States. Bluedot Living is printed on recycled material, using soy-based ink in the U.S.A. Bluedot Living logo and wordmark are trademarks of Bluedot Corporation. Copyright ©2021. All rights reserved. 


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Victoria Riskin

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Raymond Pearce

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Jamie Kageleiry

Editorial Director, Bluedot Inc.

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Creative Director

Tara Kenny

Digital Projects Manager

Kelsey Perrett

Digital Asset Manager / Web Producer

Alison L. Mead

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Whitney Multari

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Julia Cooper

Marketplace Editor

Elizabeth Weinstein

Associate Editor / Reporter

Lily Ireland Olsen

Associate Editor / Reporter

Lucas Thors

Contributing Editors

Mollie Doyle, Catherine Walthers

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Laura Roosevelt

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Megan Stetzel

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